Evergreen Life was

created to bridge the gap between nature and man. We are a leading manufacturer of health products, providing quality dietary supplements derived from nature to the people.


At Evergreen Life Ltd,

the entire organization is committed and ensures that only top quality products are distributed to our customers. We not only pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but also our consistency.


Worldwide Evergeen

Evergreen Life Ltd is a global dietary supplement company exporting to many countries. Our international influence is steadily expanding to all corners of the world. Find your nearest Evergreen sales hub here.



About Evergreen Life

Evergreen Life (Evergreen) was created to bridge the gap between nature and man. We are a leading manufacturer of health products, providing quality dietary supplements derived from nature to the people. We pride ourselves on 30 years of rich history in the health supplement industry.

We are a global company exporting to various countries. Every step of our manufacturing process not only meets, but exceeds domestic and international statutory requirements. At Evergreen, we only use top quality natural resources and the quality of our products are always guaranteed.

At Evergreen, we are impassioned to build mutual TRUST with our customers and to consistently meet their requirements. We treat our customers, suppliers and surrounding environment with RESPECT and GENEROSITY. We consistently strive to create INNOVATIVE formulations which are all designated to contribute to a HEALTHY SOCIETY and to optimize the WELL-BEING of customers.

We are always pleased and honored to receive positive feedback from our customers who are at the heart of our company. Twenty years on since the formation of Evergreen Life, we still strive for excellent service and to share health with everyone. Evergreen Life bridges the gap between Nature and Man so they can go hand in hand.

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History (SINCE 1979)

Signed official online distributor contract in Mainland China.
Signed first distributor contract in Mainland China.
Following the extension of our customer base around the world, shops are established in Hong Kong and in its International Airport. (Hongkong) had been operated in 2006.
The producers and crew of a TV program from KBS (Korea?ôs most famous station) visits Evergreen Life Ltd.
Evergreen Life establishes shops or agencies in Australia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. Evergreen Life Ltd owns a worldwide marketing network.
The second factory founded in Auckland named Evergreen Life Ltd.
MAF Registration as an Export and Manufacturing Company of Deer Velvet, Deer Blood, Marine Products and Dietary Supplementary Products (Packing House Certificate No: PH426)
First factory established in Christchurch named National Deer Horn Limited. This factory specializes in Deer Velvet manufacturing and Deer Blood Processing (Packing House Certificate No: PH220).

USFD Registration as an Export Company of Deer Velvet and Deer Blood Products MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) Registration as an Export Company for Deer Velvet and Deer Products

Collaboration with MAIR ASHLY Group (Hokitika in South Island) for Deer Velvet Processing Technology
The first processing of Deer Velvet Extract.

Collaboration with Stag Co. (North Island) for Deer Velvet Processing Technology

Collaboration with Consolidated Ltd.


Naturally New Zealand, Welcome to Evergreen Life

Kia Ora

New Zealand is a relatively large country but has a population of only four million people which means the country is gloriously un-crowded. New Zealand is a beautiful and diversified country with no pressure and competition for space and natural resources. In New Zealand, we simply do not have the pollution, congestion and health issues that are found elsewhere around the world. This has earned our country the well-known description of 'clean and green'.

At Evergreen Life Ltd, we are very proud of our New Zealand heritage. Our products are all derived from and developed on our premises in New Zealand. Our marine products are derived from the flawless native seas and our honey from the beautiful bushes which are in abundance. Evergreen Life's products are a reflection of the purity and peacefulness of New Zealand's divine environment.