Our Production Lines

At Evergreen Life Limited, our enhanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce various types of products which promote natural health and general well-being.

With sophisticated equipment and expert staff, Evergreen is able to offer a variety of production lines which include: soft gelatin capsule, hard capsule, tablet, liquid filling, toothpaste, candy, honey, freeze dried ingredient and extracted ingredients.

Capsules & Tablets

Evergreen Life's enhanced technologies are capable of generating various kinds of Soft Gelatin Capsules which are suitable for mixtures of oil and powder filled products. A large proportion of our products are Soft Capsules which promote health and general well-being.

Hard Gelatin Capsules

At Evergreen Life, we have various technologies installed to produce Hard Capsules which encapsulate dry, powdered ingredients. At Evergreen Life, we produce a wide range of hard capsules using different combinations of ingredients in powder form.


At Evergreen Life, various powders are also tabulated which can be generated to enhance taste. At our factory, different combinations of healthy ingredients are added to our tablets to facilitate oral uptake of our products.


All of the honey produced in the factories of Evergreen is 100% natural. Our in house software and manufacturing practices ensure that all essential nutrients and ingredients of honey are captured as it flows through Evergreen's manufacturing processes.

After production, we test every batch of honey for C4 sugar, HMF, Pollen and Non-Peroxide Activity (Manuka only) at external, internationally accredited New Zealand laboratories for an additional assurance of quality before released to the market.


We also manufacture and package liquid substances using enhanced liquid filling systems. Our liquid filled substances include Propolis Tincture and Spray which are utilized as natural antibiotics and to maintain oral health.


We are backed by our vast domain knowledge of developing and exporting a broad range of Natural Toothpaste. We use cutting edge technologies to manufacture these by complying with the norms of quality and manufacturing processes in accordance with international standards. Our toothpastes come with a variety of natural flavors, innovations and beneficial natural ingredients.


Evergreen's Candy products are harvested from organic sources derived from nature. Instead of using sugar or artificial sweeteners, natural flavors such as honey are included to improve taste without losing its remedial functions.

Our candies are manufactured to tailor the needs of all age groups.


Enhanced Freeze drying techniques are used at Evergreen and our methods have been developed into one of the best in New Zealand.

This innovative and advanced technology has enabled us to obtain patents on stag blood manufacturing in USA, New Zealand, Norway, Australia and ten other countries. Our freeze-drying methods guarantee that no single nutrient is lost in the process.

Extract products

At Evergreen Life, we produce extracts from various natural materials. Our extracted ingredients add functionality to a wide range of products, including dietary supplements and personal care products.