Quality Assurance

At Evergreen Life Ltd, the entire organization is committed to quality and ensures that only top quality products are distributed to our customers. We not only pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but also our consistency. Our manufacturing processes are routinely checked internally and externally to ensure that the quality of our products is consistently maintained.

We are a global company exporting to various countries. Every step of our manufacturing process not only meets, but exceeds domestic and international statutory requirements. At Evergreen, we only use top quality natural resources and the quality of our products are always guaranteed.

Internally, every step of our manufacturing procedures is monitored comprehensively by operators under strict control. All raw materials are tested rigorously by our team of operators to ensure that our final products are composed of only the best materials. All batches we produce are then tested in our internal laboratories for efficacy to ensure that our products deliver maximum benefits to our consumers. Our operators are also responsible for monitoring machinery and equipment to ensure that our products are pure and uncontaminated. Throughout all our processes, the quality of our products is checked constantly.

Every batch we produce is also sent to external, internationally accredited New Zealand laboratories for an additional assurance of quality before released to market. This cross checking system provides extra assurance to our products.

At Evergreen Life Ltd, every aspect of our manufacturing system is monitored internally by operators and also satisfies statutory requirements set by regulatory bodies. At our sites, we only use top quality natural resources and the quality of our products is always guaranteed.